JR Blog: Gail Kim’s Return, Morishima, Stone Cold

Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of JRsbarbq.com. The following items are among the highlights.

– Ross on Takeshi Morishima’s tryout match: “I haven’t heard a word about how well his matches went. I watched his match in Moline and it was o.k. Not bad, not great. It looks like Morishima might want to focus on his athletic conditioning and hit the gym more frequently. I am not being negative here only realistic. Morishima has ‘something’ that seems like it might be worth exploring. I like his timing and there is no doubt potential with this young man.”

– Ross on Steve Austin: “I never look for Steve to wrestle again but, as I have said regarding this mattter many times, I hope that I am wrong. As far as creating revenue, no wrestler that I know has ever generated more money than Austin in a given year. Does that make Steve the all time best? Some would say yes.”

– Ross on Gail Kim returning to WWE: “I have always thought that Gail Kim was talented and wrote when she left the WWE a couple of years ago that I thought she should have stayed. She has improved her in ring work and her interview skills over the past couple of years and if she does officially return to the WWE I feel she will ease right into the mix with the other Divas. Her exotic look and her overall skill set should lend to her marketability.”





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