Update On The ‘Who Is Suicide’ TNA Angle

WhoIsSuicide.com site features a new message and graphic. The message reads:

It comes and goes…my memory…the flashbacks…waking up on the side of the road…the blood…the pain…how did I get here?…the surgery…the anger. The only thing that is clear…the only thing that makes sense…is to get revenge. Try to remember. Find them. Make them pay. My time will come. TNA will soon know me. But I must remember to be patient. I’m not ready to unleash him yet. I’m not strong enough yet. But I will be soon. PATIENCE…THEN PAYBACK

Also, the site is not linking to the www.myspace.com/whoissuicide anymore. It now features a graphic of Ric Flair as well as Randy Orton’s WWE theme song. According to a few readers, the MySpace page was hacked by a message board by the name of 420chan.




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  • Collin

    now on the http://www.whoissuicide.com website theres the video/promo they showed on one of the episodes of impact

  • james

    suicide is franklin edward kazarian

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