Update On Team 3D’s TNA Status: Headed To WWE?

Source: prowrestling.net

Team 3D, known to most as the Dudley Boyz, are currently re-negotiating new deals with TNA as their contract are set to expire in the very near future. TNA feels confident that Ray and Devon will re-sign as the feeling is that both are happy with their current position in the company. It’s also being reported that WWE has shown little to no interest in bringing them back into the company so the decision to stay with TNA should be a fairly easy one.

Internally, Devon is pretty well liked by many in WWE, however Bubba Ray is said to have made some enemies when his last run with the company came to an end. A source within WWE was quoted as saying “no one in WWE has any ill will or bad feelings toward Devon, but Bubba is a detriment to his career.” This seems to make Devon guilty by association, so the feeling is that the team will not be receiving any offers from WWE. Bubba has been known to work very stiff with young talent, and gives most rookies a very tough time. Considering WWE’s current tag division is mostly made up of younger talent, management would most likely be hesitant to bring the Dudleyz in.