Steve Austin Advertised For A Special WWE PPV Appearance

Stone Cold Steve Austin is being advertised to be making a “special guest appearance” at the WWE Cyber Sunday pay-per-view on Sunday, October 26, 2008. WWE Cyber Sunday will be taking place at the U.S. Airways Arena in Phoenix. You can see the listing for the event at this link.

Austin appeared at last year’s WWE Cyber Sunday pay-per-view, acting as a special guest referee for the World Heavyweight Championship match between champion Batista and Undertaker.

The advertisement on the U.S. Airways Arena site has the ticket sale date messed up with the ticket sale date being advertised for September 23. The WWE website states that the tickets actually go on sale this Saturday on August 23rd at 10am.

Obviously there is no guarantee Austin will be appearing on the pay-per-view, however if WWE have booked him for an appearance, they will be using him on the show in some capacity.




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  • RoboHardy

    Cool I like Austin’s appearances because he gets a big reaction from the fans and you know it’s gonna end in a stunner!

  • Vegas Martin

    Oh yeah, it definitely creates a good buzz surrounding the event.

    Thanks for registering RoboHardy!

  • francis

    ola me gusta esteve austin es mui bueno luchando y en todo es bueno

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