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Transcript Of CM Punk’s Speech After Raw Last Night

Posted by Vegas Martin in WWE News
Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Thanks to Dr. Keith Lipinski for the following:

As Punk was mid-ring, came down the aisle and said that he was going to win the belt tonight. Color the crowd confused as the post show dark match was scheduled to be & vs. JBL & . JBL called Punk a loser “like the Chicago Cubs” and that tonight Punk would be like the cubs, and he couldn’t blame anyone but himself. “Not Steve Bartman (man who in 2003 during a Cubs playoff game went after a foul ball and was blamed for the Cubs losing the National League Title that year), Not a goat (legend says that the owner of the Billy Goat cafe attempted to bring a goat to Wrigley for a game, was denied and put a curse on the Cubs)” Punk, looking crestfallen but loving the Chicago Cubs references, kissed the belt goodbye and the match started.

defeated John Bradshaw Layfield in 6 minutes with the Go 2 Sleep.

The match was primarily JBL beating on Punk, who was still groggy from his loss to Jericho a few moments ago. JBL hit a lariat and was clobberin on Punk for 5 minutes. Punk made a comeback with his kicks, a very nice knee into the corner, the bulldog out of the corner and the Go 2 Sleep for the pin. The crowd was definitely sent home happy.

A huge CM Punk chant went around the building. Punk looked happier than I have ever seen him, well ever. He went all around the ring, posing on the turnbuckles, playing with the crowd, going to shake hands to the fans on ringside and hugging his sister (who was in the front row with the clowns…the ones with clown makeup who were removed from hard camera earlier in the evening).

Punk then got on the mic and said the following:

You know (inaudable) bad head. I got some pain from the stitches in my head, but you guys make it all go away. I don’t care who knows but two and a half years ago at I was hanging out in the John Cena gangster car and I was on that ramp right there and i stood right there and I watched stand right here and I watched John Cena stand at the top of the ramp and I said to myself with a phony tommy gun over my shoulder, someday the tommy gun would be the world heavyweight championship and someday I’m going to be standing in that ring.

And hey, what do you know, two and a half years later, I’m here! Even though a whole bunch of people said I couldn’t do it, I’m not going to dwell on the negative. I’m dwelling on the positive in front of you thousands and thousands of people.

While I’m sure there is a few of you in here who said I would never do it… I’m a bit of an optimist, I try to overcome and follow my heart, I listen to my little sister and hey here I am and it goes to show that anybody out there right now, sitting in your seat, you paid your hard earned money to see one hell of a show, maybe in two and a half years you will be standing here with the world championship! I love Chicago!

2 Responses to Transcript Of CM Punk’s Speech After Raw Last Night:

  1. RoboHardy

    Date: Aug 21, 2008 at 7:54 pm

    Good speech but I’m not into Punk.

  2. francis

    Date: Aug 22, 2008 at 7:38 am

    ola cm punk me gustas como peleas eres mui bueno luchando

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