“Psycho” Sid Vicious Very Close to Signing a WWE Deal

According to Scott Ferrall of Sirius Satellite Radio, Sid Eudy, known to wrestling fans as “Psycho” Sid or Sid Vicious, is reportedly in the final stages of signing a deal that will bring him back in to World Wrestling Entertainment. Sid has been telling friends that he will back in WWE by September, and Ferrall reported earlier today that the deal is nearly complete. While we do not have confirmation of a return date for Sid, expect to see him back with WWE in the very near future.




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  • Tricia

    When do you expect to see him back in the WWE? A lot of people are sick of waiting!

  • Andy a.k.a. Santinofan

    Have you just read this report and nothing since? Do you think WWE is interested in an old man who can’t even run for short bursts? Even mark henry could run circles around sid these days.

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