Matt Hardy Blogs On SummerSlam Match, Super Crazy Update

— Matt Hardy recently blogged on his Myspace page concerning his match at Summerslam against Mark Henry and the current ECW ratings.
He said:

As you all know, I have the biggest match of my career coming up at Summerslam. I have a chance to become the ECW Heavyweight Champion as I take on the current champ, Mark Henry. It’s definitely gonna be an uphill battle, but I like the odds and pressure against me-it makes me perform better. And on top of that, I’ve got billions of MFers (Mattitude Followers) that have got my back and believe in me. That’s MUCH stronger than anything Mark Henry and Tony Atlas have to offer. I’ve seen a few “MATT FOR CHAMP” signs already, please keep the support coming. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my ECW experience thus far-it’s been an honor to be one of the high-lights of the show each and every week. Coincidentally, the ratings have improved by almost 50% since the Matt Hardy ECW era has begun, HAHA! Thanks for tuning in and supporting me every Tuesday night on Sci-Fi at 10 p.m.

— To clear up any confusion concerning Super Crazy, it appears he is in fact a part of the Smackdown brand at this point. had his profile listed on both the Smackdown and ECW pages last week, however he has since been removed from the ECW page and is now on the Smackdown page. Crazy was drafted to the ECW brand in the supplemental draft back in June, but made his Smackdown debut last week against Brian Kendrick.




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