Shane McMahon Update, Another WWE Departure

– Bradley McErlean sent in the following last Friday: Just wanted to let you guys know Shane McMahon was on Opie N Anthony on XM Satellite radio today. The show replays this afternoon @ 3:00 EST and all night tonight as well. I’m sure over the weekend it will replay as well since it was so good. He was there for a good 2 hours. Here are some of the things he talked about:

* Discussed being an uncle again with Triple H and Stephs new

* Talked about how Vince now imitates Anthony imitating him when
he fires people

* Was promoting summer slam, as they had a best wrestler contest
with listeners.

* Winner was “Type A”

* One contestant called himself ” The Ultimate “Bore-ior”

* Discussed Pete Gas and how they got into wrestling from the
“mean streets” of Greenwich

* Talked about the recent mishap on RAW with Vince

* Made cracks about this recent mishap as well as the Limo blowup

* Glad he never had to do the “Kiss my Ass Club” on tv as he has
been doing it all his life.

He was a great interview. Cursing at times showed he was comfortable being with they guys. Brought each member of the show a custom heavyweight belt for them as well from EACH brand with their names on them as well. Very cool guy over all.

– Jonathan Coachman debuted as a news anchor on ESPNEWS this past Friday night, thus confirming that he is no affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment. WWE never made an announcement regarding his departure from the company. According to reports, his WWE contract expired this month.