CM Punks Speaks On Being Champ, Chris Benoit, Steroids and More

The Metro, a paper out of the UK, conducted an interview with World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk where he discusses a range of topics including his current run with the title as well as Chris Benoit. Below are some highlights of the interview, and you can read its entirety by clicking here.

What perks come with the championship title?
Everyone calls you ‘champ’, which is the best perk. I get first-class travel. That’s the only thing that’s changed. I don’t get paid a bonus. It’s just the honour of it.

What’s the most serious injury you’ve sustained?
My skull was fractured in 2002. I was giving a guy a neck-breaker and his head landed on top of mine when we hit the mat. The doctor told me not to exercise for a year. I was in the ring two months later, like a complete idiot. I had horrible side effects for 18 months – bad vertigo, loss of balance, spinal fluid leaking from my ear.

Wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife, child and himself last year. How has that affected WWE?
He was a friend of ours. We had to deal with his death, then couple it with what he did… How do you come to terms with something like that? I’d love to ask him why he did it. He could have called someone. He had his family and a locker room full of guys he could have called.




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