First Night On The Job

Welcome to the Adamle Administration. Monday Night Raw last night was of course, the first night on the job for the new General Manager. So, whatcha think? How would YOU rate Adamle’s first night? I’ll tell you overall, I thought Raw was a good show but there was one GLARING thing I did not like, and that came at the end!

The show opened with Adamle addressing the crowd. I loved this because the longer Adamle went on, the harder it was to tell whether or not he was going to place face, or heel. He also made three championship matches for that night, which I liked because (those that have read my Lost in the Shadows segments know what I think) it puts some importance back into the titles! Of course Adamle sets up Rhodes/Dibiase facing Batista/Cena for the Tag Titles as the main event.

We’ll get to that in a little bit; as JBL was the first to come out and speak with Adamle. Chris Jericho followed, setting up an “Adamle Original” as JBL and Jericho would team up to face CM Punk; whoever got the pin faces Punk at SummerSlam for the title. I liked this segment as it showcased someone who I believe should be in the running for the title, and that is Chris Jericho. This new serious heel Jericho is very intriguing and I’d love to see Punk/Jericho down the line for the title!

This segment ran a bit to long in my opinion as well. Normally JBL doesn’t bother me when he’s on the mic, but last night spoke too much! Unfortunately JBL was the winner and now we’ll have CM Punk vs. JBL for the title at SummerSlam. Hmm, I seem to remember saying something about that not to long ago! My gripe is of course, JBL is not the best choice for Punk to “prove” himself against; and in reality why should the title even matter?? I’ll get to that in awhile as well.

I LOVED the back to back title matches; and I also LOVED who was involved in them. I for one think Kofi Kingston and Paul Birchill have amazing chemistry so anytime they hook up in the ring is fine by me! I also like how King and Cole made reference to his “Ripper” gimmick. Maybe this is the angle the WWE is going with for him now. Good, it should add some personality to this already stellar athlete!

Mickie James beat Katie Lea Birchill to retain the woman’s title. Again, good chemistry between the two; really reminded me of the Trish/Victoria rivalry! What I also liked was Beth Phoenix attacking James after the match and once again making her presence known in the hunt for the Woman’s title!

This of course set up the next “Adamle Original” with the winner take all match at SummerSlam. Kofi and Mickie taking on Santino and Beth! I thought Santino SHINED on the mic last night, and it really seems to me that he’s gotten some steam back working alongside Beth! These two have added a nice lift in all the seriousness that takes place on Raw! I’m making the prediction right now, Beth Phoenix is winning both titles at SummerSlam!

Perhaps the most chilling segment was the interview with Shawn Michaels. Okay, you all know that Shawn is my favorite wrestler of all-time, and I know this is all a work, but it is so believable! What a great job by Shawn here hyping his injuries and making the fans believe he may be down for the count! I’ll tell you every week this program with Jericho just gets more and more real and intense with every action!!

So as you can see, not a bad show! Then, we get to the main event. Why I ask, do we need to have Cena and Batista as the World Tag Champs? What is there to gain, honestly? I did not like this segment one bit, and I feel they ended Rhodes and Dibiase’s reign WAY too soon! In my opinion this may have done more harm than good!

Think about it, this is exactly like when Cena and Michaels became tag champs. Or, when Batista and Rey Mysterio won them. What do they have to gain? Nothing! Secondly, it is very apparent that Cena and Batista are the top guys on the show, which leaves CM Punk…where? But, isn’t he the Champion? I’m all for hyping the first-time ever encounter between Cena and Batista, but should it supercede the very title that those two men are vying after?

Then, what becomes of Rhodees and Dibiase now? In my opinion they were just beginning to establish themselves as a very legit, strong tag team! I enjoyed seeing them in the main events of Raw, but now that the focus seems entirely on Batista and John Cena, they (along with CM Punk) all take the back seat!

Quite a shame, and really for what? Like I said, what do these two need any titles for right now? My match of the night definetley goes to the Punk vs. Jericho/JBL match, but sadly even that seems to play a second fiddell!

Well, next week we’ll find out what Kane’s been carrying in that sack! And, maybe, just maybe we’ll get new tag team champions once again!


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