General Manager Adamle

Well folks, a new era is about to begin for WWE’s flagship show, Monday Night Raw. I speak of course about the new general manager…Mike Adamle. Now I know there are plenty of you out there that cannot stand him; but you know what, I think Adamle as Raw GM is a good thing!

Now, now, hear me out before I get hate mail flooding my inbox! Adamle came into the WWE as a backstage interviewer for Raw before jumping over as play-by-play announcer for ECW. How many times did he screw up as an interviewer? Countless times he screwed up as an announcer; but in the end, this is exactly what could make Adamle a great GM!

Adamle generates heat. Now, it may not be the kind of heat a heel looks for when in front of a crowd, but it’s heat nonetheless. This is the jumping point Adamle can build off from. The heat is already there, so really he just has to continue being himself and he’ll succeed as a classic heel GM. Think about it, what are some of the best heels in the business very good at doing? That’s right, manipulation!

There are quite a few directions the WWE can choose to go with the new heel GM. One, Adamle could continue being the naive, no-common-sense, guy he already appears to be. Doing this would open the door for Adamle himself to be manipulated by the other conyving heels of Raw. Specifically, I can see guys like JBL, Jericho, Cade, and even Rhodes and Dibiase using Adamle to get what they want. JBL specifically comes across as the guy that will use Adamle to gain the power on Raw.

The WWE could use JBL’s background as a smart investor and businessman to really talk circles around Adamle. Adamle in turn would fall victim and give JBL whatever he wants. This is why I’m also making the prediction here right now, JBL WILL be fighting CM Punk for the title at SummerSlam! Chris Jericho could use his new found seriousness to convince Adamle that he has been disrespected (like Y2J) and that he, Jericho, and Cade all need to stick together!

Then you have the young guys like Rhodes and Dibiase. Dibiase could get his father involved if need be, and Adamle could be “bought.” Hey, everyone’s got a price right? Anyway, “buying” Adamle would ensure that the young guns have him in their back pocket and thus, the sky would be the limit!!

Then, there’s a whole other direction. Adamle could come out and be the biggest dictator-type character since Vince McMahon himself. He could turn his character around, saying that all his mistakes were just a ploy so the WWE would take him away from the desk and into a position of power! This brings to mind a character like Eric Bishoff!!

Now, I don’t know aout any of you, but I loved Eric Bishoff as the GM of Raw! I thought his character was just what the show needed at the time, and I think a character similar to that could be beneficial now. Especially with Vickie Guerrero turning face over on Smackdown. If Adamle were to go this route, than the heat he would get would soon turn into good, genuine, heel heat!

Whether you like Adamle or not, let’s give him a chance. Announcing was not for him (at least not in the professional wrestling field) but perhaps this new character is just what he needs for his real potential to shine through. Send me feedback and let me know what ya’ll think! The Adamle era is about to begin!


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