The Beginning of the End

I know I know, I keep putting off my next Lost In The Shadows issue, but this week’s Smackdown was (in my opinion) so well done I wanted to share my thoughts on it. I also know this is something I normally don’t do, but as always, your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Smackdown kicked off this week with the V.I.P. lounge, and none other than Mr. MVP. This is a guy who has come a long way since debuting nearly two years ago, and I think he came off very strong last night in this segment. Of course his guest was none other than our WWE champion Triple H! Now like I said, I think MVP really shined in this segment and when you’re matching wits with The Game, you truly have to be on yours. MVP was, and his interaction with HHH was very smooth and natural. I also saw a glimmer of a “face” MVP here, and I liked what I saw.

Having Vickie come out only added to this. The heat that she is able to generate is amazing. I don’t know about you, but I think she’d be able to teach some of the young heels a thing or two about drawing the heat! Her interaction with HHH was also very natural and of course, she set up HHH vs. Edge for the GAB PPV. Now, if only she knew what was coming later that night!

Up next was the Star on a Pole match for the right to face Natalya to become the new Diva’s Champion. Can I just say that the belt itself looks like a giant bedazzled life-size Barbie-doll accessory! I have no quams about creating a new Diva’s title, but the belt looks horrible in my opinion. Anyway, I enjoyed the match and feel that each woman put 100% into it. I can also say the more I see Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, and even Maryse, the more I can see they are working their hardest to improve. Michelle vs. Natalya should be good and I expect Natalya to walk away with the win.

Vickie yelling at Hawkins and Ryder follows as Edge arrives at the arena. This sets up Hawkins/Ryder vs. Jesse/Festus, which as usual is a strong outing. I had begun to wonder what the WWE did with Jesse and Festus as they are the most over tag team right now. Hopefully we see more of them in the coming weeks as they are a strong element to the show.

Having Edge hit the ring afterward to beat down Festus (in his comatose state) was a BEAUTIFUL touch in showing us all how angry Edge really was. I think having him beat down Hawkins and Ryder would have also been a nice touch, but oh well. The first argument with Vickie was very well sone, in showing the beginning of the end for their relationship! Vickie has become a true natural on the mic in these backstage segments!

Jeff Hardy making his Smackdown re-debut was awesome! Having him face off against John Morrison was also a nice decision by the WWE. Two extremely talented guys put on one hell of a match! Did you see that pele’ kick by Morrison?!

A further argument ensues between Edge and Vickie which again was very well done. My only issue was Vickie being “confined” to the wheelchair, which she obviously is not. Doesn’t make sense to me! This of course furthers the end of their “love.”

The main event was GOLD! A Fatal-4-Way with Matt Hardy defending the United States title. It fit because, after all it was the birthday of the United States. I thought all four men did an amazing job out there; my only wish was that Shelton Benjamin was given a bit more offense than he had. After all, isn’t he the Gold standard?

Then of course, we all got the “shock” of our lives. Edge cut another great promo and ended the show declaring that his wedding to Vickie was OFF! I remember saying how much I hated the Edge/Vickie storyline when it started, but in all honesty it has come off extremely well! Having Vickie screaming bloody murder was also a very good way to end the show and thus extends the story another week. Now, will fans feel sympathy for Vickie, or will the Rated R Superstar get the fans behind him?

I guess we’ll all have to wait and see how this “love” story continues to play out. How will this affect his match at the GAB against HHH? Can the Utimate Opportunist overcome these odds?


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