When You Least Expect It

Wow! All I can say is wow. I wanted to wait until the end of the week to address all that has happened, but I find myself SO excited, I can’t wait any longer. Well, as fans can honestly say the WWE has given us things to cheer about recently!

I’ll start with Night of Champions, where I didn’t do to bad with my predictions. What I was extremely happy with, was new Raw boy Kofi Kingston winning the I.C. title!! Now, I know I said CM Punk would be the one to challenge and now I see why he didn’t! I also remember saying that Kofi moving to Raw this soon could be a bad thing, but now with the IC title, he’s only looking up!

How many of you were as shocked as I was? In all honesty though, Kofi is a bright spot in the future of the WWE and I sincerely hope that his run with a singles title isn’t over too soon; I also hope that the WWE continues to put focus on that title like they did both Sunday and Monday. I am truly happy for Kofi as he has shown he has what it takes to be a big time player, ever since he debuted with the company!

So, Cody Rhodes turned on Holly and won the tag titles with Mr. Ted Dibiase Jr. Now I know a lot of you guys saw this one coming, but it seemed to go RIGHT OVER my head! I honestly did not think the WWE would do something like that, and instead they would have another youngster debut. I said Chris Harris, what about him??!! Oh well. I do like the duo of Rhodes and Dibiase and hopefully the WWE again realizes that people may want to see more tag wrestling and they’ll start putting more emphasis on those titles as well. Dibiase is the total package, and teaming with Rhodes will benefit both of them in the end!

The big story though, and I do mean HUGE story, happened within the first 20 minutes of Monday’s Raw. And you know what, I missed it!! It was only after a friend of mine called me that I found out…CM Punk is the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!! Now I KNOW i am not the only one who didn’t see THAT coming!! I went on the website as soon as I could to make certain it truly happened, and was psyched to see it to be true!

I cannot tell you how pumped I was when I heard Punk won the title! Many thought (myself included) that Punk would be the first MITB winner to cash it in and lose. The WWE pulled a fast one on us all yet again, and now, the Straight-Edge Era has begun. There was a part of me (as i was reading the results) that expected the WWE to give the title right to JBL that night when he challenged Punk, and I was so happy they didn’t. Punk has proven himself to the WWE audience and hopefully if he is given a serious run with the title, he can fully win over the writing team.

See, Punk as most of you may know, started in the independants. This in my mind is the toughest place to be. Those fans will let you know what they like and don’t like and have no shame in booing you right out of the building; much like old ECW fans! If Punk could succeed there, which he did, than he truly has what it takes. It is about time the WWE saw this and at least is giving him a well-deserved shot at the top! Now, I would LOVE to see Punk and Jericho battle it out for the title!

So let’s run down the things the WWE did to surprise us so far since the draft. One, Kingston wins the IC title! Two, Rhodes turns on Holly and suprises (some of us lol) fans winning the titles with Dibiase. Three, the two top titles are retained at NoC and remain on Smackdown. Four, CM Punk wins the World Title from Edge on Raw! Can you say shades of the Attitude Era?!!

Here’s to hoping the trend continues and ratings start to rise again. I know I’ll be watching, will you? I’ll be back soon with my third installment of Lost In The Shadows!


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