A Night of Opportunity

In the wake of the 2008 WWE Draft, the landscape of the company truly has changed. As of right now, Smackdown is in possession of both the World and WWE titles. Monday Night Raw controls the ECW title; and ECW is headed by the United States title. The question is, after Night of Champions, where will these titles go, and who will represent them?

I for one think this years draft did a lot of good. Aside from once again making the ECW brand look like nothing, both Raw and Smackdown benefitted. There was of course the big name moves that I’m sure shocked more people than just me. Triple H to Smackdown, come on who honestly saw that! Batista jumping back to Raw, Jeff Hardy making the jump to the blue brand, and CM Punk finally going prime time! All good moves in my opinion.

Then, there are those moves that are somewhat questionable, at least for the time being. Deuce to Raw? Kendrick to Smackdown? Layla to Raw? Of course we cannot forget the lone ECW pick on television, United States Champion Matt Hardy. This is good in my opinion because, perhaps like Kane, a run with the ECW title would benefit Matt in the end to make the jump back to one of the main brands.

Overall, I am pleased with how the draft went down. Who else saw J.R. and Michael Cole swapping places? i know I didn’t! Also, the fastest rising star on ECW, Kofi Kingston makes his way to Monday nights! What happens with this I cannot WAIT to see!!

I’m sorry for rambling a little bit, I am just so excited to see what new directions the WWE chooses to go following this, and their PPV, that truly anything can happen. Which of course leads me to my set of predictions for the upcoming pay-per-view, Night of Champions! With Smackdown holding the two main titles, you know one of the two is bound to go to Raw. Which one will it be? Batista or John Cena?

I personally see how these matches could go either way. However, what I would LOVE to see from my own standpoint, is Batista bringing the World Title back to Raw, and Triple H keep the WWE title on Smackdown. It has been so long that Raw has had that stupid belt, its time for a change! Bring back the old gold belt from the days of Brock Lesnar, Eddie Guerrero, and even JBL. I see “The Game” as being the one to do it! Beating John Cena and re-introducing the old (new) belt, back to Smackdown!

This of course leads to Batista beating Edge and brining the World Title back to Raw. As much as I don’t think Batista is championship material, and as much as I enjoy Edge with the title, the change needs to happen. Fueds with Cena, Orton, Jericho, and even HBK are destined to happen. This along with the rumors that a new World Title belt being created to fit Cena’s character, lead me to believe that this change is immenent.

The other big question mark, Kane is on Raw and is the ECW Champion. How will this work? Well, seeing that the match at the PPV was made into a triple threat, and seeing as though Mark Henry was drafted over to ECW, Mark Henry will probably walk away with the title. This annoys me. I am not a fan of Henry, and a fued with Big Show is not something I like seeing, nor want to see! I believe that moving Kane back to Raw was done to soon. He was just starting to get on a role over in ECW and I only forsee being buried once again on Raw; especially now that they have CM Punk and Batista to focus on.

One other match I am eagerly awaiting to see, is Ted Dibiase and his partner challenge Rhodes and Holly. I think Dibiase is very skilled in the ring and I am looking foward to seeing how he gels working on a big-time stage. Also, who will his partner be? I have been saying to friends of mine that I would love to see Chris Harris take that spot, but really no one knows at this point. With D.H. Smith going to Smackdown, it really is up in the air!

To do the others quickly, I see Mickie James retaining against Katie Lea Burchill. I see Matt Hardy retaining against Chavo Guerrero. And I see (much as I don’t want it to happen) Finlay and Hornswoggle beating Miz/Morrison for the WWE tag titles. The question, who will Chris Jericho face for the Intercontinental title? Some say HBK, I say, with HBK in his corner, CM Punk will get the nod.

Punk and Jericho wrestle very well together, and I think its time to get the title off of Y2J and give it to someone who could establish themselves more on the brand. Punk works. The WWE cold feed off of how similar Punk and HBK are, one is straight-edge, the other is born-again christian; it works! Plus, down the line they could have Jericho assist his buddy Lance Cade in taking the title from Punk!

So there you have it, my comments on the draft and some predictions for Sunday. As always, I want to hear what you readers have to say. Did you like the draft? Who’s winning Sunday? Don’t be ashamed to write me and step inside the Dog Pound!!!


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