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Sting made his first WWE-related TV appearance on last night's Ultimate Warrior "Greatest Matches" special on the WWE Network. In between matches, they have been featuring recently recorded comments from various stars on Warrior and Sting spoke after Ricky Steamboat. Sting talked about how his favorite Warrior memory was Warrior putting tuna and orange juice in a blender and saying, "I got my protein and vitamin C all in one."

In regards to reports of Sting finally signing a deal with WWE, word is that WWE sent Sting his contract several days ago but as of Friday, he had not returned it. The belief is both sides were on terms and an agreement is in place but as of Friday, pen to paper on Sting's side had not been returned to WWE. There is no indication of any serious hold-up, at least from the WWE side. Those in the company even before WrestleMania XXX were working with the impression that he was on board. PWInsider confirmed previous reports that Sting has his WWE deal but has not signed yet, as of a few days ago. The deal has been done in principle for some time now. They also confirm the reports that Sting isn't expected to be wrestling on a regular basis for WWE.

Jim Ross commented that he assumes that Sting hasn't signed with WWE only because WWE hasn't announced it. Signing Sting would create positive news for WWE as he is a major star that WWE can monetize in a variety of ways if he comes aboard. I don't see Sting even needing to wrestle to be a viable asset to WWE if he does sign with the company. If Sting did have one match it WWE it would need to be a long build, much anticipated one that has a significant payoff at a major event more specifically WM31. There was an edict sent out in the arena at last night's WWE RAW in Birmingham, by WWE officials, for security to remove any Sting related signs that were seen in the crowd.

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